The Ultimate traveller's guide to the Villa Borghese Gallery and Gardens

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The Villa Borghese gallery and gardens is a beautiful garden of Rome... It has many interesting views from many different angles... So, let me guess, now you are probably thinking of visiting that place, aren't you? But you would surely need a good garden guide to know everything about it before visiting... Well, you've come to the right place! Check out the Ultimate traveller's guide to the Villa Borghese Gallery and Gardens!

Villa Borghese is a landscape garden in Rome, containing a number of buildings, museums and spectacular views from every side. It's the third largest public park in Rome after the ones of the Villa Doria Pamphili and Villa Ada. It covers over 80 hectares of land(197.684 acres), the gardens of Villa Borghese cover a large portion of Pincian Hill as well as Campus Martius...

The Villa Giulia adjoining the Villa Borghese gardens was built in 1551 - 1555 as a summer residence for Pope Julius III; now it contains the Etruscan Museum (Museo Etrus)

The Villa Borghese Pinciana ("Borghese villa on the Pincian Hill"), the villa built by the amazing architect Flaminio Ponzio (and, after his death, it was completed by his assistant Giovanni Vasanzio), developing sketches by Scipione Borghese, who used it as a villa suburbana, a party villa, at the edge of Rome, and to house his art ...

So, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably! I'm guessing that you do want to hang around in the Villa Borghese gallery and garden! This is just the theoretical lesson but when you move over to the practical ones, it will be more fun! With the help of this guide, your tour to the Villa Borghese gallery and garden will be simply amazing! So, for now, auf wiedersehen! Happy Touring!


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