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The Months - Expressing the Beauty of our Wonderful World

January brings the cold wind,

wrapped in sweaters and jackets and coats

February shows its weather chilled,

Cold breezes in the wind afloat

March brings the pleasant weather,

warm and sunny past the days

April starts to get hotter,

overhead are the scorching sun rays

May is between the hot and the wet,

brings the cold, unwelcomed storms

June is filled with floods and water,

also filled in mud and worms

July has blazing thunder and lightning,

storms break and bend the trees

August starts to get cooler,

brings the harvesting of rice and wheat

September slowly brings the fun,

The festive season's a month away

Pleasant October is worth the wait,

Festivals and fun come day after day

November slows to bring more fun,

Fireworks, up the night sky they light

December brings the wave of cold,

Christmas treats and fun all night!

- Angira Dasgupta Arinda

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