The magical story of the Palatine Hills...

The Palatine Hills is a place with amazing views and lots of history! But if you really want to visit the Palatine Hill then you would surely need to know more!

About 168 ft (51metres) the Palatine Hill, a spectacular place which is totally worth seeing is the most renowned of the Seven Hills of Rome. It is one of the most ancient parts of the city and has been called "the first nucleus of the Roman Empire."

In Ancient Rome it was considered one of the most preferable neighbourhood in the city, and was the home of aristocrats and emperors. According to Roman mythology it was believed to be the location of the Lupercal (the cave where the she-wolf found Remus and Romulus and kept them alive)

The Palatine Hills is a place with spectacular views and lots of architecture! But for now the practical lesson will totally inspire you!


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