The Beauty of the Corfu Town...

The Corfu Town is an amazing place of the world... It's architecture, it's natural beauty, everything in the Corfu town is just amazing... But to go there, you will need some Info about it to fit in...

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Corfu Town is the capital of the Greek island of Corfu, in the Ionian Sea. It’s famously known for its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored Venetian architecture. To the west, the Venetian-built New Fortress has a network of tunnels underneath and views over the harbor. The 15th-century Old Fortress overlooks the town from the east and features a small chapel and mosaics. The Esplanade is a landscaped park near the water.

The island was the cradle of culture and science. In Corfu was founded the first university or Greece, called the Ionian University and the first modern theater and opera of Greece. The Corfu town is famous for its large quantity of churches as in the island there are 37 churches.

Can you believe it? It's pretty amazing, just like I told you! isn't it?

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