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One Earth One Home - Protect our planet

The Earth was created billions of years ago. After years of cooling down, the Earth was finally a suitable place for living beings to thrive. But since the time, we started industrial development, we have not seen how we have threatened our planet. For years now, we have been destroying our planet, Earth in every way. Still, we have not realised that we are destroying nothing but our only home. It's painful to see how the nature is dying because of us and we are carelessly destroying it more and more everyday. We must do something about this or else, the Earth will be gone forever.

This is a video and a poem written by me that shows the reality of the Earth and that we have to do something about this.

#saveearth #savenature #nature #earth #oneearth #home #onlyhome#savetrees #waterpollution #saveanimals #airpollution #protectearth

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