Exploring the beauty of the Rhodes Town.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Rhodes Town is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Greece. It is not like an ordinary town, It's spectacular! All the buildings and shops have tiny details of architecture. That's why, today I decided to write about it! But, before we dive in, I have a special section made just for you!

Trivia Time!

Did you know that Rhodes is known as the Emerald Island due to the 37% coverage of cypress and pine.

The name Rhodes actually means 'rose' and even today, Rhodes Town is full of flowers.

The island's 'emblem' is the deer. This is because a extremely rare deer called Dama-Dama lives in the Rhodes forest.

Lying on the Aegean Sea, near Turkey, Rhodes is the largest of all the 12 Dodecanese islands. Its capital, Rhodes Town, is one of Greece's top tourist attractions. It is surrounded by an impressive fortification system, including monumental towers and gates built by the Knights of St. John after they took control of the island in the 14th century.

The northern tip of Rhodes Island, is a wonderful contrast between ancient and modern, with two unique halves. The older side of the town town lies inside the confines of the modern city but remains entirely separate, thanks to a double set of soaring walls topped with minarets and domes. Inside is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and squares, which are a pleasure to wander.

Nearby attractions include the pretty hillside coastal town of Lindos, and Marmaris on the Turkish coast, which can be visited by excursion boat. Rhodes is served by an airport, as well as regular ferries from Athens' port.

How will I get there?

To reach Rhodes town from India, Book a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India to Diagoras International Airport in Rhodes After that, you can take an Airport Taxi or a bus to reach Rhodes Town.

Now, saying this, I shall bid my farewell with a little image for your inspiration. See you next time!


Evening photograph of Rhodes Town

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