Did you know these 3 interesting facts about the Konark Sun Temple?

India is a land of culture and diversity... it's architecture, it's natural beauty, all of it is just fascinating! There are also many temples in India! Of them the Konark Sun Temple is simply breathtaking! You'll say that too when you see the spectacular architecture! But these 3 amazing facts will surely make you say: "WOW!"

About 35 kilometres northeast from Puri on the coastline of Odisha, India, Konark Sun Temple (Konark Surya Mandir) is a 13th-century CE Sun temple at Konark. The temple was built by King Narasimhadeva during the Eastern-Ganga Dynasty. The temple was built and dedicated to Lord Surya, the God of the Sun.

The Konark Sun Temple is famous for its unique architectural design. Its geometrical patterns and carved wheels used to serve as sun dials... Due to its dark color, the temple was called Black Pagoda, and ancient sailors used it as a navigational landmark.

The Konark Sun Temple is an architectural representation of the Sun God, Lord Surya's chariot.

Its 24 wheels are decorated with symbolic and unique designs and it is led by a team of six horses.

The architectural design of the Konark Sun temple is simply immpressive...

But the unique and marvellous backstory is what lies deep within...

We really must know about the amazing events of the past which will dazzle you once you hear them, but for now, Adios! Happy travelling!


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