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A Day - A poem inspired from the beauty of nature

It all begins when the sun emerges,

from the presiding darkness of the night,

Daylight breaks through and diverges.

Everywhere, covered, in the pleasant warmth and light.

Soon, dawn is vanquished by the fresh morn,

The bright light gleams in the pleasant air

The love and joy of a new day is born,

And the cluster of clouds cover the sky bare

Soon, the strong afternoon endeavors,

The warmth becomes scorching hot.

But the serene beauty, however

still remains in precious nature, in its lots

Afternoon ends with the brisk, soft light

Dusk arrives with the descending sun.

Birds call for the last before night

The pink light diminishes till it comes for none

After the dark evening arrives,

The moon slowly ascends from the sky

It's bright radiance gleams and thrives

But this light slowly descends at night

The night brings the dark and cold

The moon strives to brighten the sky

But the cluster of stars sparkle bold

It's light, brings beauty, just as bright.

The night darkens more into midnight

Darkness fills the world and then

When midnight slowly ends at light

The day's cycle repeats itself again.

- Angira Dasgupta Arinda

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

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