5 facts about the magic of Meknes that will keep you stunned!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Africa is renowned for it's monumental as well as natural beauty. It is famous for rainforests, deserts, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and many many more... Today, we are going to talk about something different. Today we are going to talk about a place where there's desert on the outside and beauty on the inside. But before we dive in, I have got something special for you!

Trivia Time!

Founded in 1061 A.D. by the Almoravids as a military stronghold.

It's name originates from the great Berber tribe Meknassa who dominated eastern Morocco as far back as the Tafilalet in the 8th century.

The most famous traditional souvenirs that you can take home from Meknes are: Ironwork, woodwork, pottery, ceramics, carpets and many more...


Despite its old age and architecture, Meknes makes its way to the list of the top tourist destinations Morocco. It is located in north-central Morocco. It is a 9th-century medina and also one of the country’s previous capitals. It is the sixth largest city by population in the kingdom. The royal city is an ideal destination to know more about Morocco.

It’s known for its imperial past, with remains including Bab Mansour, a huge gate with arches and mosaic tiling. The gate leads into the former imperial city. The catacomb of Sultan Moulay Ismail, who made the city his capital in the 17th century with courtyards and fountains. The Borj Belkari Tower was once a lookout tower in the city's defensive walls and the Heri es-Souani was a royal granary and stables.

How to get there...

How to get there is an important question. Luckily we have the answer. You need to follow these few simple steps to reach Meknes from anywhere in the world! First you need to book a flight to Casablanca Mohammed V airport from wherever you are... Once you've reached the particular airport in Morocco, you can board a local train or hire a taxi to reach Meknes comfortably.

Now saying this I shall bid my goodbye with a little image for inspiration. see you next time!


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